The Rotisserie Barrel Charcoal Chicken Rotisserie

The Rotisserie Barrel is a revolutionary way to cook rotisserie chicken over charcoal. It is based on a 30 gal. steel drum which surrounds the meat all around. The drum protects the flame from wind and the meat from outside contaminants but its most important function is to uniformly reflect heat generated by charcoal onto the meat inside the drum. This obviates the need for extra wind shields, ensures incredibly even cooking, saves charcoal, and greatly expedites the roasting process while delivering tender juicy meats.

The Rotisserie Barrel is designed with whole chickens in mind but will easily cook virtually any meat including roasts, rolls, and various parts of beef, pork, and poultry. The meat you choose will need to be secured on industry standard 5/16" 37" long rotisserie spit which comes with the RB. There are 2 sets of forks (4 forks total) included with each RB, allowing to simultaneously roast 2 chickens or a combination of other meats. The 30 gal. RB is not big enough to accommodate a whole pig and was designed primarily for everyday backyard cooking. The RB is approx. 30" long and 19" in diameter.

A cornerstone of the Rotisserie Barrel is the battery operated motor which spins the rotisserie spit with the meat on it. The spinning movement coupled with the Barrel's heat-reflecting powers is what provides uniformity of cooking in the RB, in sharp contrast to traditional charcoal grilling on the grid, where the side facing the fire can be burnt while the upper side is still raw. The motor operates on 2 "D" batteries which provide approx. 36 hours of turning. Given that each batch of meat / chicken takes only about 30-45 min. to roast to perfection this means over 50 "spitfulls" of delicious roasted meat, a very economical way to cook! And of a course the cordless motor allows the Rotisserie Barrel to be placed wherever you want on your backyard, patio, or camp site!

The source of heat in the RB is the charcoal tray at its bottom. Charcoal needs to be pre-fired outside of the RB and then poured into the charcoal tray with the help of a regular charcoal chimney starter (does not come with the RB). The charcoal tray can slide back and forth thanks to the rails under it which makes loading charcoal a breeze. Once the charcoal is inside the Rotisserie Barrel becomes hot almost immediately. This is the time to turn on the motor!

Weeks of testing, hard effort, and scrutinizing attention to details were invested in all aspects of the Rotisserie Barrel design, from high temperature powder coating, to motor position, to charcoal ventilation, to rotisserie support. All this delivers an outstanding roasting performance. What was once a steel drum became a powerful cooking machine at our welding shop. Please view our "How to Cook" section for information on cooking with the Rotisserie Barrel as well as maintaining it.