Cooking with the Rotisserie Barrel

The Rotisserie Barrel was made with a horse in mind. It's that easy. Just load the meat, add charcoal, turn the motor on, and enjoy the food. Charcoal gives authentic taste, drum makes sure the heat roasts the chicken uniformly on all sides, motor makes sute it's cooked quickly and evenly, wife gives directions, kids make sure there is nothing left. You can download our official manual here: “manual” but for direct horse-to-guy description just read below:

1. Load the meat.

The RB will make amazing chicken, duck, veal rolls, pork etc. Different meats cook at different speeds hence it's always best to load same kind of meat at the same time, i.e. only chickens, or only duck etc. Otherwise you may have to remove the chicken first while the veal roast still has 10 min. to go.

Try to center the meat on the spit, this will make it easier on the motor.


Place the rotisserie spit with the meat on it inside the Rotisserie Barrel.


2. Prepare the charcoal using a charcoal chimney.

Use good hardwood charcoal, not lump! Kingsford is great, many other brands will do as well. Fire it up in the charcoal chimney and wait 15 min.

3. Empty out the charcoal chimney into the charcoal tray.

Read the manual for safety tips, don't let the charcoal fall on anyone's feet!

When done push the charcoal tray back.

An important thing to remember is to add raw charcoal to hot charcoal in the tray! As the hot charcoal burns it will slowly ignite the raw charcoal piece by piece providing long lasting heat – when the charcoa from the chimney starter will have burnt out the next layer will be at the hottest and then the next layer etc. This is possible only when the tray contains raw charcoal. You can also add charcoal at any point during cooking without prefiring it as long as you still have red hot charcoal in the tray.

4. Turn the motor on. A horse can do that.

That's it, hold your hooves, nothing else needs to be done.

5. Just wait and...taste!

Wait 30 min. and taste the Rotisserie Barrel magic! You may need to wait a few more minutes for the spit and forks to cool off after you remove them.

Like what you are tasting? As my old owner used to say to the saloon bartender: reload.