Ask the Horse

Hey horsey, got some answers?!

Sure, fire a-neigh!

How does the RB cook?

The Rotisserie Barrel uses heat generated by charcoal and reflected by the cylindrical drum. It doesn't use live flames and in fact there are no flames, only red hot charcoal! The meat in the Barrel is positioned to be far from the flames to avoid being burnt. This makes the meat way juicier and more tender than on a traditional grill.

Is it easy to cook or is it for grilling pros?

The Rotisserie Barrel is designed exclusively for home cookers with no cooking experience whatsoever.

Charcoal and motor do the cooking for you.

Do i need to babysit it?

No, the Rotisserie Barrel is entirely “set it and forget it”! Load the meat, turn on the motor and come back in 30 min to the best chicken you ever had! If you are looking for horseback riding lessons in the spare time i can refer you to a friend.

Will the RB rust?

The outside of the RB is powder coated. The legs too. The only 2 parts to worry about rust are the charcoal tray and the inside of the RB. They come unpainted. Me and my herd highly recommend spray painting them with Rust-Oleum 2000F paint, available at big box hardware stores as well as from online vendors. Paint only at your own rist and check manufacturer specs to make sure there are no health hazards. Painting will take only a few minutes but deliver a hoof of benefit! If you leave them unpainted they could in fact rust though will still last a VERY long time. Remember: soot protects from rust! The more you use your RB the better it becomes!

Are there flare ups?

Usually not. Unless you use a flammable rub, usually based on olive oil. We do not recommend it, there are penty of hoof-licking water-based rubs.

Can i burn wood in the RB?

No. Wood will make a fire and flames will lick the barrel creating much higher temperatures than the RB was designed for. It will not fall apart but the powder coating can only handle so much...

How hot does the RB get?

The outside of the RB does not get over 400F. The inside surface temperature does not go over 500F. The charcoal tray is the hottest part by far with the metal handles reaching 500F, do not touch with bare hands!. The plastic handle of the spit can be at 180F. The bracket and motor are at 150-250F.

How hot does the chicken get?

The chicken is usually at 200-280F during roasting.

Is there adequate oxygen supply?

Yes, the front is completely open providing tons of oxygen while the back has a few holes for yet more oxygen. The charcoal tray itself is made from heavy gauge perforated metal, it's all holes - like my previous owner after the last shoot-out.

Can i adjust the meat on the fly?

No. It's hot and hard to reach inside. The motor will need to be stopped and the entire spit taken out.

For this reason it's very important to secure the meat well from the start. This is very simple. For humans who don't have to depend on hoofs...

Will the meat burn easily?

No! Because the meat is far away from the fire it's very hard to burn it.

How long will the motor last?

The motor itself lasts indefinitely, years and years. Every set of 2 “D” batteries should provide approx. 36 hours of turning. Given that each batch of chickens takes only about 30 min and you can make 3 chickens at a time a set of batteries can potentially spin to perfection over 200 chickens!

Where is the Rotisserie Barrel made?

The Rotisserie Barrel is currently made by experienced welders and metalworkers in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. However it's sold in USA by our US distributor so you are dealing with a US company which stocks and ships the Rotisserie Barrels from New Jersey. In Canada they are shipped by the manufacturer. In both countries the RB is shipped via Fedex or UPS Ground.

Does Rotisserie Barrel come with a warranty?

Yes, there is a 1 year warranty on parts which does not include the drum itself. Damage to drum can come only from abuse or rusting, both of which are not covered under the warranty. Such damage is very rare though.

How soon will i receive my Rotisserie Barrel?

This really depends on the timing. At this point the Rotisserie Barrel is more of a hobby than a business and we are only able to produce about 100 of them per month which doesn't always cover the demand. If we are out of stock there will be a note on the order page regarding the date of availability.

I can't find any reviews on the Rotisserie Barrel...?

SB is very recent, it's officially being launched only in August 2015!

Is it available at a local dealer?

No, at the moment we do not have any dealers, our production capacity does not yet allow us to sell to box stores. Besides, i like to sell to customers directly to make sure they get service with my beautiful smile!

Your Rotisserie Barrel is nice but i can just make my own!

The Rotisserie Barrel is not rocket science, the idea is simple. However beware of toxic drum paint and lining. You will be very hard pressed to find an unlined, unppainted drum, we buy them directly from the manufacturer. Lined or wet-painted drums are virtually useless unless you are willing to take the risk of having your food absorb toxic materials or spend hours removing them. There are many other not-so-simple features in the RB, a trained steel fabricator will spot them right away.

Horsey, enough of the technical things – can i make a pig??

No. The RB is just not big enough. A pig roaster will typically be 54” in length and feature a 1” spit, as opposed to our 5/16” spit. The RB was made with everyday cooking in mind – chicken, turkey, duck, rolls. Following the non-compete agreement i have signed with my farm's pigs currently i'm not working on a pig roaster. Using a 55 gal. drum is still not enough.

Can i make a lamb?

Same thing.

Can i make an annoying horse?